Discover Vennverse a social Metaverse

The Future is visual

Users may use Vennverse in the same way they would any other social networking site, with the added benefits of free speech, making money by creating, acquiring, and selling digital assets such as NFTS, trading virtual real estate, and more.

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Earn 10x rewards and money for your content

Become a social entrepreneurs.

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Earn bitcoin and rev share

A social network's community is what makes it valuable. You should be recognised for your contribution to the network's development and success.

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Inbuilt NFT marketplace

An inbuilt NFT marketplace for you to buy sell mint and stake the NFTS .

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iPhone Feature 03

Buy and trade land on Metaverse.

Buy land in our Metaverse using our Native token or different cryptocurrency.

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iPhone Feature 04

Buy physical products using crypto.

Buy anything from our ecommerse platform using crypto and get a free AR NFT of the product

Vennverse is a Decentralized social media of the metaverse

We are young but bold

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A social network committed to Internet democracy